Tuesday, 31 December 2013

No Budget Film Making.

Hi friends,

I am a short film maker.  Have made some short films with no budget but my plans are to make films with no budget that would look like a big budget films and believe me we can do that.

Some people has challenged me that it cannot be done but as of now I have made several short films where i did not invest a single penny and working on a 40 minutes Telugu short film without even investing a single pie. It does not include fuel charges or food charges.  I am an employee, I have to manage my job and film making both without effecting each of them.

After this short film I am gonna shoot an Independent Feature Film and that too with no budget.  Yes that is challenging but have to do it.  Learning many things from other peoples blog, Youtube videos, google etc.   I am going to use crane shot, dolly jib all will make this film look like a very big budget film.  I am gonna make this crane with a long bamboo, tracks with used materials in home.  I will be keep you all informing.  Do follow me and bless me so that my film would entertain people and encourage many enthusiastic film makers to do these things.

Below is a link of a short film which I have made with completely no budget.  Just used a basic Sony Camcorder, which i bought for 9100 INR.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gjs6dtLs90 My Short Horror film which i made with complete No Budget, just have a glance.

                                                                                             Thanks and regards
                                                                                             Sarvannagari Murali

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